Most dives require Advanced Open Water certification. See your local dive shop for AOW and Computer Nitrox Training. TDI Nitrox and Wreck recommended. Deep specialty or equivalent required for dives in excess of 100′. Deco Procedures or equivalent required for dives in excess of 130′. BAREG can provide TDI Nitrox, SDI Wreck, and SDI Deep training and others.

5 FEBBAREG Annual SymposiumCompletedFred Engle
12-19 MARTrukCanceledFred Engle
16-17 APRU-1105 Buoy Ops – U-1105 Project site preparationCompleted, buoy on stationFred Engle
30 APR-1MAYUSS Oriskany CV-34CompletedFred Engle
21-22 MAYSS Atlas RecceCompletedFred Engle
11-18 JUNSS Atlas ProjectConfirmed, openings for underwater archaeology trained & experienced membersFred Engle
25 JUNU-1105 Familiarization DivesConfirmed, dive roster fullFred Engle
9-10 JULU-853, Point Judith, RIConfirmed, trip fullFred Engle
23-30 JULBell Island, Conception Bay, NewfoundlandConfirmedFred Engle
6 AUG-1 OCTU-1105 Project – most weekendsConfirmed, dive roster full, no additional divers neededFred Engle
1-8 OCTScapa Flow dive trip, Orkney Islands, Scotland, U.K.Confirmed, two open spotsFred Engle
29 OCTBAREG Business MeetingConfirmed
3-4 DECU-1105 Buoy OpsConfirmedFred Engle