BAREG – Blue Octopus Scuba Partnership

BAREG has partnered with Blue Octopus Scuba in Alexandria, VA. BAREG class lectures and pool sessions will normally be held in Blue Octopus Scuba‘s facilities. BAREG is not in the business of teaching scuba diving; it focuses strictly on advanced recreational and technical courses needed to perform underwater archaology.

Classroom Address:

Blue Octopus Scuba
4154 Duke Street
Alexandria, VA 22304


Pool Address:

Chinquapin Park Recreation Center & Aquatics
3210 King St
Alexandria, VA 22302

BAREG SDI-TDI Training Facility

The Battle of the Atlantic Research and Expedition Group is pleased to publish the 2018 Training Catalogue in our first year as an SDI-TDI Training Facility. It is our intention to offer our members advanced SDI recreational specialty courses that have application to maritime
archaeology and our historical expeditions, as well as the full range of TDI open circuit technical courses up to and including normoxic Trimix, and to do it at a very affordable price. Our pricing structure reflects the non-profit, 501(c)3 nature of the Group as an organization devoted to historical research and archaeological expeditions and our desire to provide a venue that allows our divers to improve their capabilities in support of these activities.

Additionally BAREG runs informal training courses to meet niche training needs such as underwater archaeology, photogrammetry, archival research.

Advanced recreational classes include: SDI Deep Diver Course, SDI Dry Suit Diver Course, SDI Wreck Diver Course, TDI Nitrox Diver Course, TDI Intro to Tech Course.

Technical diving classes include TDI Advanced Nitrox Diver Course, TDI Helitrox Diver Course, TDI Trimix Diver Course

Course 2019 Course Price List
Battle of the Atlantic Archaeology
(SDI Archaeology)
SDI Deep, Wreck, Drysuit
TDI Nitrox, Intro to Tech
TDI Advanced Nitrox/Helitrox $1,000.00
TDI Trimix $750.00

2018 Training Flyer below.  Please note prices have have been revised for 2019.

2018 BAREG Training FlierDownload