Formal call for BAREG divers to participate in the Atlas Project.

Recall that the surveys we do as part of our U-552 Campaign Plan are our flagship events for the dive season. If you want to get the most out of your BAREG membership you should be participating in our surveys. Additionally, our projects help support NOAA’s plan to expand the sanctuary off the Outer Banks. Please see below for details:


30 May – 6 June (dive days 31 May – 5 June)


Discovery Dive Center, Beaufort, NC


Discovery Dive Center Lodge East Lodge West Lodge


Minimum AOW and Nitrox, basic maritime archaeology training (NAS, MAHS, other), current BAREG membership.

Sport divers

will survey the high relief area amidships (about 85 fsw)

Tec divers

Survey deeper sections fore and aft.

If you haven’t participated in a BAREG project you should know that these are working dives and you will be assigned specific tasks. We have no room for dive tourists on this project.


TBD, varies with number of divers and number of days blown out typically just under $1000.00, should be less this year given our relatively inexpensive lodging.

Maritime Archaeology Training/Refresher

BAREG will conduct two days of training at Lake Rawlings / Phoenix the weekend of 2&3 May. All participants in the project are encouraged to attend this training session.

To sign on for the Atlas Project

  1. Complete the attached diver registration form and return it to me by email or snail mail.
  2. Pay a $200.00 deposit to BAREG either by check (made out to BAREG, mailed to me at my address below) or to paypal. If using paypal make your payment as a friend/family to avoid fees.

To sign on for the archaeology training the weekend of 2&3 May send an email to Lisa Abbe, our Deputy Ops Coordinator (cc’ed) letting her know you’re on for the training. Further instructions regarding this training will come from Lisa.

Looking forward to diving with many of you on Atlas.

Fred – Operations Coordinator