BAREG’s final report, “The U-1105 ‘Black Panther’ (18ST636) 2021-2022 Maritime Archaeological Survey Report,” has been accepted as final by the Maryland Historical Trust (MHT). The survey was funded by a State of Maryland grant administered by MHT. The full report is available below.

In 2021, 14 BAREG divers conducted 53 survey dives. The divers preformed a total of 35 hours of data collection on the U-1105 and three of these dives were planned and executed as decompression dives. In 2022, four BAREG divers conducted 22 survey dives and 13 of these were planned and executed as decompression dives. The divers performed a total of 19 hours of data collection on the U-1105 in 2022.

A total of forty-one unique features were surveyed by BAREG divers. Fourteen features were surveyed for the first time as they were not surveyed in 1993. Two features surveyed in 1993 that were not known at the time were correctly identified by the BAREG survey. Two features surveyed in 1993 were not present on the site during the 2021-2022 survey. One was removed in 2003 and the other likely taken by a sport diver. Ten features surveyed in 1993 were not visible in 2021-2022. Most of these features were remnants from the U.S. Navy post-war testing, though several features were lost due to deterioration. Forty-one features recorded as buried in the 1993 survey remained buried in 2021-2022.

BAREG’s grant-funded survey produced the first and only correct scale model of U-1105 that is now in the possession of the Piney Point Lighthouse and Museum Park. This nearly 4′ model will be displayed in a lighted case as part of a complete redesign of the museum space.

For more information about the U-1105 survey and other BAREG activities, please contact the Operations Coordinator using the form on our contact page.

The full The U-1105 Maritime Archaeological Survey Report can be downloaded by clicking the image below.

The U-1105 ‘Black Panther’ (18ST636) 2021-2022 Maritime Archaeological Survey Report


U-1105 data collection example

U-1105 data collection example

attack scope & ammo container U-1105

Attack scope & ammo container U-1105


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